World Class Technology

World Class Technology

Using our acoustically based approach, theBoom accentuates the user's voice by concentrating it in the front of the microphone while deflecting the voice from the back port. The background noise is directed towards both ports to reduce noise vibration.

The World's Best

Noise Cancelling Microphone

The technology used in theBoom line of noise canceling headsets was invented when UmeVoice engineers tackled one of the greatest obstacles to accurate speech recognition: background noise.

theBoom has won numerous accolades for being best noise canceling headset, cellular phone headset, computer headset, and aviation headset in the world. theBoom is the only headset that will work in a convertible with the top down.

theBoom Starbucks Demo

theBoom Quiet with Ron Rossberg

theBoom in a Nuclear Power Plant

The World's Best Headsets

The World's Best Headsets

We are the solution for all your high noise communication needs. All theBoom headsets use the same unique, patented noise-canceling microphone technology originally developed for Wall Street and literally battle tested every day with the US Military.

All of our products offer the same high quality and unparalleled clarity for just about any consumer or industry application.

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