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US Air Force

The US Air Force were one of the first of the US forces to start using the UmeCobra microphone. They started using it first on the flight lines by replacing the microphones on the David Clark headsets with the UmeCobra 5 ohm dynamic mics. This provided an immediate benefit both to the ground crew and to the pilots. The pre-flight checks happened quickly and the flight line personnel never had to repeat what they were saying because of the amazing clarity now being afforded by this new technology.

Subsequently, Patrick Air Force Base began using the UmeCobra mics. in their helicopters and for many search and rescue operations. This led to the Wright Patterson Air Force labs doing intelligibility testing and comparing the UmeCobra microphone to the standard issue M87 microphone. It quickly became clear to the US Air Force that the UmeCobra was a dramatically clearer microphone in noisy situations and a new Rotor Wing Helmet chosen by the US Air Force was required to incorporate the UmeCobra microphone as one of its key components.

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