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The 160th was the first to find out about the UmeCobra mic. from the Air Force. The Chinooks used by the 160th are some of the noisiest aircraft in the world and even more so when they fly with the doors open. The UmeCobra is the only mic. that performs effectively in this environment. Once the aviators of the 160 realized the benefits of the UmeCobra mic. and returned to other bases, they brought this knowledge of the performance of the UmeCobra mic. with them and now the UmeCobra is represented across the US Army in most airframes. It has proven to be a game-changer in Black Hawk helicopters. The UmeCobra dramatically solved a problem that was endemic in Lakotas (accidental triggering of the VOX because of background noise). Even the flight lines of the US Army can easily retrofit an existing David Clark headset with the UmeCobra microphone.

US Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps has been using the Tactical Command Liberator headsets with the UmeCobra mic. for quite some time. With the recent flight approvals for UmeCobra mic. they can now get the UmeCobra mic. through the defense supply system to fulfill their needs and benefit from the technology that has already proven to help their colleagues in the other forces with tremendous improvement in communication in noise.

World wide Forces

Independently many foreign forces have realized the benefit of the UmeCobra mic. and have adopted them for extremely noisy activities. For open door flying and rappeling under a helicopter, there is no other microphone in the world that surpasses the UmeCobra's noise canceling properties. European, Australian, and other worldwide forces have adopted the UmeCobra because of its stellar performance in noise. It has proven to make a significant difference in Safety and Productivity, both of which are critical during noisy operations