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Ever since Black Hawk pilots and Nascar and Indy drivers discovered the amazing noise canceling properties of UmeVoice's properitary microphone technology, large manufacturers in the US called upon UmeVoice to find solutions for their needs on the factory floor.

  • Frito Lay used theBoom headsets to make voice picking possible in their warehouses.
  • Boeing has used the UmeVoice technology both in their aircraft and elsewhere. Many other leading companies have called upon UmeVoice for us to find special solutions for their communication needs.
  • One of the world's largest plastics manufacturers had a problem with communicating from their factory. UmeVoice modified one of their existing products and created a solution that allowed them to literally make conference calls from right next to an injection molding machine (100 db+). This has enabled their workers to communicate safely and productively without worrying about all the noise surrounding them.

Training in a noisy environment is another big hurdle. UmeVoice created a special device to enable the user to wear a wireless headset and complete training right next to the loud machinery.

Further discussions with various plant managers and operators let us design yet another product called the Conference Boom. This allows a set of up to 4 users to communicate wirelessly in an environment of more than 100dB while being as far as 200 feet from each other.

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