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theboom Bone Conduction for Power Plants

Industry: Power Plants: theboom Bone Conduction is the best noise canceling solution for the extremely high decibel working environment of nuclear power plants.

theBoom Bone Conduction for Nuclear Power Plants

Noise is a huge concern in nuclear power plants. It is so loud in some areas of a nuclear power plant that just a few seconds of unprotected exposure can cause severe hearing loss.

Several major nuclear power plants in the United States have chosen theBoom Bone Conduction headset as the best solution for communication in noisy generator rooms.

theBoom Bone Conduction headset offers a revolutionary approach for clear communication in such extreme noise. The Bone Conduction headset does not require the user to have an exposed ear drum so that sound can pass through it. Instead, the sound is carried by vibrations in the temple or jawbone and sent directly into the ear's cochlea. This means that while using theBoom Bone Conduction headset, the user can have additional hearing protection such as high rated noise reducing ear plugs. theBoom's patented noise canceling microphone allows the user to speak in 100 db+ noise and still be heard clearly.

Custom Built Product

theBoom Bone Conduction headset is customizable with for use with different communication devices. Contact us for detailed compatibility information.

With the ever-increasing development of nuclear technology and the increasing safety guidelines regarding workers and the environment, theBoom Bone Conduction headsets are a way for workers to be in an audibly safe environment as well as protecting themselves from other inherent hazards.

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