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theBoom E Turbo

  • theBoom E Turbo full viewChoose single or double earphones (for $50.00 more), 2.5mm or 3.5mm headset adapter to use with any land line, cell phone or smart phone
  • theBoom E Turbo colors

    Make It Yours, In Color

    Headbands available in black and five other brilliant colors.
  • theBoom E Turbo Red HeadbandTheBoom E with Red Headband.
  • theBoom E Turbo how to wear three quarter view

    Easy to Wear Headband

    Headband rests gently over ears and wraps around the back of your head. In ear gel headphone(s) fit snugly and isolates audio for crystal clear conversations.
  • theBoom E Turbo how to wear two fingers from mouth viewFor the best results, place theBoom Mic approximately one to two fingers from your mouth.
  • theBoom E Turbo In The CartheBoom E Turbo is perfect for driving and can be ordered with earphone or boom mic on either side, or even with double earphones.

What’s In the Box?

Comes with leatherette carrying case and 2.5mm headphone adapter.

What Else Do I Need?

We offer a range of accessories and adapters for each of our headsets. Choose extra windscreens or PC adapters, etc.

Elegant, lightweight clarity

theBoom E Turbo is the perfect over ear headset for driving, working in the office or from home, computer dictation software, etc.

theBoom "E" Turbo, uses a special microphone that will work with a direct connection to most smartphones, (iPhone, Android, Samsung etc.). Over the years, our noise canceling technology has proven to be the best available in all kinds of noisy situations. However sometimes when the user is not speaking the Automatic Gain Control of the phone tends to try to amplify any other nearby sound that the microphone may pick up. In this situation theBoom "E" Turbo performs even better that our world famous theBoom "E".


‚ÄčThis model is not designed for landlines and is designed for the user who is on a smartphone and want's the best performance in the world for a smartphone.


  • UmeVoice's patented noise cancellation technology eliminates virtually all background noise, boosting your voice and bringing you crystal clear conversations in the noisiest environments
  • Universal audio connector allows you to connect to almost any cell phone using one of many adaptors
  • Custom made - your choice of left or right boom and left or right speaker
  • Light, extremely comfortable and easy to use
  • In ear speaker gel with loudest driver in its class
  • Can be worn comfortably all day
  • Headband available in multiple colors
  • Made in USA

theBoom E Turbo headset features an audio waveguide earphone system. This uses an 16Ω audio driver connected to a vinyl tube waveguide which carries the sound to the ear. theBoom E is usually fitted with the type M microphone. Weight 25g.

Technical Specifications

  • Sensitivity -43dBV/Pa
  • Impedance 2,200 Ohms
  • Frequency 50-20,000 Hz
  • S/N ratio >70 dB
  • Mono sound
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