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Military: Army: “The UmeVoice Bone Conduction Headset with the UmeCobra Mic is used by ground personnel in the Air Force. In the Army, the clarity of the UmeCobra Mic is crucial to our Special Ops aviators at Ft. Campbell KY.”

Robert G. “Bob” DeFeo, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

UmeCobra and the US Army

The US Armed Services rely upon theBoom noise canceling headsets in dangerous operations where clarity counts and literally saves lives.

Many troop deployments revolve around large machinery and aircraft, and in doing so, the noise outside can be deafening, due to either engines or being deployed in a 'hot' combat zone. It is during these deployments that instruction and confirmations can be most relevant and critical:

  • Special Operations: The UmeCobra Microphones have been used extensively for many years in helicopters by the 101st Airborne Division all over the world.
  • Ground Operations: Many of the tactical headsets used by US Army personnel incorporate the UmeCobra Microphone to enhance communications clarity.
  • Control Rooms - theBoom C is a favorite in noisy offices and control rooms. TheBoom E is a favorite for those who have to communicate both on their laptops and mobile phones from various bases around the world.

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