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Military: Air Force: “...we have been using the UmeCobra Mic exclusively since December, 2007. We have been very pleased with it. It isn't often that something comes along and you get unanimous positive feedback..”

Col. US Air Force

UmeCobra and the US Air Force

The US Armed Services rely upon theBoom noise canceling headsets in dangerous operations where clarity counts and literally saves lives.

Noise is a huge concern in the Airforce. It is so loud in some areas, depending on the aircraft, where just a few seconds of unprotected exposure to its noise can cause severe hearing loss.

Effective communications in noise has a tremendous impact in safety and productivity. Umevoice's products have been in use with the US Airforce for many years helping in mission critical applications:

  • Flight lines - It's generally noisier right below the aircraft than inside them!
    • The UmeCobra Microphones have been retrofitted by the maintenance squadrons at numerous Air force bases all over the United States and abroad. By taking existing David Clark style aviation headsets and replacing their microphones with the UmeCobra, Airforce aviators experience immediate, remarkable improvements in voice clarity at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire headset.
    • The Bone Conduction Boom has allowed Airforce personnel to use their radios in the noisiest environments while being assured of complete hearing protection.
  • Control Rooms - theBoom C is a favorite in noisy offices and control rooms. TheBoom E is a favorite for those who have to communicate both on their laptops and mobile phones from various bases around the world.

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