theBoom Bone Conduction


What’s In the Box?

Comes with leatherette carrying case and 2.5mm headphone adapter.

What Else Do I Need?

We offer a range of accessories and adapters for each of our headsets. Choose extra windscreens or PC adapters, etc.

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Industrial Strength, No Compromise Noise Canceling

theBoom Bone Conduction is the perfect high tech solution for extremely (high decibel) noisy working conditions.

Protect your hearing and be understood with no compromises, every time.


  • UmeVoice's patented noise cancellation technology eliminates virtually all background noise, boosting your voice and bringing you crystal clear conversations in the noisiest environments
  • Universal audio connector allows you to connect to almost any cell phone using one of many adaptors
  • Safety and Hearing Protection - Bone conduction allows the user to hear clearly through vibrations in the temple.
    • For normal sound environments: The ears are unobstructed, which allows the user to hear other sounds in the environment.
    • For noisy environments: Allows the use of earplugs or double hearing protection.
  • For the Hearing Impaired - Since The Bone Conduction Boom transmits sound through the temple, it can overcome certain kinds of hearing loss for those who have middle and outer ear disorders, such as aural atresia and microtia.
  • Comfort - The headset has a behind the head wrap around band with temple transducers that sit comfortably flat just forward of your ears.
  • Clarity - The only headset in the world that allows crystal clear conversations while standing directly under jet engines!

Technical Specifications

  • Sensitivity -43 dBV/Pa
  • Impedance 2,200 Ohms
  • Frequency 50-20,000 Hz
  • S/N ratio >70 dB
  • Mono sound
100% Guarantee