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The Umevoice family.


Umevoice and theBoom

UmeVoice Inc., founded in 1995, is recognized as the voice recognition standard for Wall Street. With UmeVoice speech recognition systems, traders enter trade messages much more quickly and accurately than before. Rather than relaying messages to an assistant or operator to be entered manually, UmeVoice systems enable traders to enter messages themselves by speaking directly to their own computers. Increased efficiency and error reduction from using UmeVoice is creating millions of dollars of value per desk for our customers.

UmeVoice is headquartered in Novato, California (the San Francisco Bay Area). UmeVoice is a privately held company.


Voice Path - Noise PathThe technology used in theBoom line of noise canceling headsets was invented when UmeVoice engineers tackled one of the greatest obstacles to accurate speech recognition: background noise. In order for speech recognition software to work, the computer needs to be able to “hear” what the speaker is saying. Previously, the loud, chaotic noise of the trading floor prevented the application of voice recognition systems.

To address this problem, UmeVoice engineers developed a revolutionary new headset design that “focuses” the phone's microphone on the speaker's voice and only the speaker's voice. Even in the chaotic environment of a Wall Street trading floor, users of our handset and voice recognition software can communicate as if they were sitting in a private office.

Subsequently, UmeVoice engineers went to work to miniaturize and modify our technology for integration into a variety of products that rely on clear speech input. theBoom is the result of this effort and the first product that makes this revolutionary technology available to consumers.

In addition to Wall Street, theBoom technology has been applied in other high noise environments like: aviation headsets, warehousing, nuclear power plants, professional racing, and call centers. theBoom has won numerous accolades for being best noise canceling headset, cellular phone headset, computer headset, and aviation headset in the world. theBoom is the only headset that will work in a convertible with the top down.

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How It Works

Umevoice Clarity


Why theBoom is More Effective

UmeVoice‘s acoustic passive noise-canceling technology cancels out noise before it enters the signal. This is inherently better than attempting to remove the noise from the signal after it is already mixed in - unlike other active noise-canceling technology. A high signal to noise ratio (S/N) is attained without sacrificing the flat frequency response.

Using our acoustically based approach, theBoom accentuates the user‘s voice by concentrating it in the front of the microphone while deflecting the voice from the back port. The background noise is directed towards both ports to reduce noise vibration.

Safety & Ergonomics

theBoom Design Advantage

Our headsets are designed with both the users comfort and health in mind. theBoom comes in a variety of models that can assist in long-term use and reduce ear fatigue by some simple design features:

  • Noise-reduction technology helps decrease the stress of the client and therefore the user is in a reduced-stress working environment
  • Our comfortable headsets reduce ear fatigue, reducing the distraction of pain or discomfort
  • Our fully adjustable microphone boom means that the user does not have to keep readjusting the headset or fiddling with it, leading to frustration
  • Heightened sound quality and headphone noise-reduction means that the volume does not need to be so loud and therefore reducing damage to the eardrum

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