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US Navy

U.S. Navy approval of the UmeCobra mic. was relatively recent compared to the US Air Force and Army. However, despite that helicopter squadrons have quickly begun adopting the UmeCobra mic. The UmeCobra mic. works as a quick retrofit to the Aviation Helmet microphone (30 second retrofit) and also an equally quick retrofit to a David Clark headset microphone on the flightline. The UmeCobra 150 ohm microphone has also found applications in hovercrafts and noisy boats.

US Coast Guard

UmeVoice's first experience with the Coast Guard was when the C130's out of Alaska tried the UmeCobra microphone and appreciated the dramatic difference in clarity in the air. Since then the companies microphones are stock listed and service members can just get them from supply and UmeVoice does not keep track of all the adoptions across the forces.

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