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theBoom Noise Canceling Headset
for Working from Home

What is theBoom?

UmeVoice Inc has developed a noise canceling technology that makes its Industrial headsets and microphones the best means of communication for Professionals, Business Owners and loud environment workers like Wall Street Traders and Call Centers.

theBoom’s Speech Recognition legacy

theBoom’s technology was invented to achieve high speech recognition accuracy in extremely noisy environments. The technology proved to be so successful at providing clear audio in these environments that theBoom headsets went on to gain popularity in several diverse applications including mobile phone use, VoIP applications, Military and Aviation, among others.

How does theBoom help Working from Home?

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With any sales professional, communication and contact with clients is always paramount in doing business in any form. Understandably some professionals have to work in an environment with background noise, like a busy office, or from home where children and animals do not always appreciate the idea of being quiet when you are on the telephone.

theBoom headsets not only give you a comfortable addition to your VoIP phone, Landline, mobile phone, PocketPC or other portable communications device, it also helps maintain a professional, one-to-one environment no matter where you are. You could be getting your children ready for school in the morning and your client will think you are in the office the whole time.

In some cases, a professional home worker’s performance is measured on the amount of communications violations that occur in the home, such as dogs or a child crying. Should a set amount of violations be reached, some companies have been known to terminate employees. With theBoom’s noise reduction headset, you are not only guaranteeing clear communication, but also ensuring that your position in the company is safe, therefore making a large investment in your future.

Our customers

We have lots of customers from, LiveOps, Call One, and ACD Direct. One of our clients from recommended it on the forum and many have bought our line of noise-reduction headsets because of the unparalleled noise-reduction technology. In other cases, theBoom is the company recommended headset for Call One and ACD Direct.

Privacy in any situation

No matter what situation you find yourself in, theBoom will grant you the privacy you need to conduct your business or personnel conversations while in a noisy or busy room. For example, you could be on the road with friends and a client could call you. With theBoom, you would be able to speak in a quiet tone and still be heard while all the time hearing each word the client said with crystal clarity.

Perhaps you work from home and you want to conduct business, even when you have visitors or children around you? With theBoom you will be able to not only conduct your business in these environments, but increase productivity and keep to your personal schedule without having to postpone your client to another time.

A commonly asked question is ‘will it get rid of the dogs barking / child crying in the same room?’

Of course, this is very much dependant on the situation and / or source involved. As many of you are no doubt aware, a child’s cry can be very high-pitched and one of the loudest sounds in a household. The same can be said for a large dog. This is due to the high pitch and frequency of the sound produced.

In the same room, the sound may not always be completely dispersed, however there are some steps you can take to prevent the noise from appearing in the conversation. By turning your head towards the source of the noise, the rear port of the microphone has a larger chance of eliminating the sound. If your child or dog is in the next room, it is unlikely the sound will be heard at all, and if it is, it will be muffled and most clients will not be able to distinguish it.

theBoom Advantage
  • theBoom noise Canceling headsets dramatically reduces the background noise in a busy call center, thereby delivering clear speech and increasing the clarity of the whole communication process.
  • A sales professional can comfortably whisper in the headset microphone and be clearly heard by the customer. In addition it reduces the noise pollution from external sources center thereby increases productivity of each phone call by not having to repeat yourself.
  • Our headsets include a universal audio connector that makes it compatible with all cell phones and most office phone infrastructure .
  • Our product development team makes every effort to customize our products according to client requirement. theBoom noise canceling technology consists of a sensitivity of 35dBvrms, an impedance of 2,200 Ohms, and frequency of 50-20,000 Hz, and a high S/N ratio.
  • theBoom E is a custom made headset with your needs in mind. This leads to comfort throughout use and reduces ear fatigue if you are constantly on call, or if you have to wear the headset while driving for a lengthened period of time.

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